Compare Auto Insurance with Freedom Insurance

You can compare car insurance rates easily by calling different companies, or let Freedom Car Insurance help you with the search & comparing. Freedom Insurance will compare car insurance rates for insurers in your area against auto insurance rates in other parts of the country. When you compare car insurance rates with Freedom Car Insurance, you will probably find that your age, previous driving record and type of vehicle will affect the rates of insurance.The area in which you live as well as how far you drive to and from work may also play a part when you compare car insurance rates with Freedom Auto Insurance agents.

Compared- Liability, Collision, and Comprehensive Auto Insurance

If you are a driver, then you are required by law to have minimum auto liability insurance. Keep in mind that minimum coverage will not protect you like some of the more extensive coverage options. The three most common types of auto insurance are Liability Insurance, Collision Insurance, and Comprehensive Insurance. These types of coverages come with their own unique forms of protection. Use this guide to help you decide which coverage option is best for you.

Liability Auto Insurance

Liability coverage does not protect you; it’s protects others that you may have armed or property you have damaged. If you are in a collision and you hit a pedestrian or damage someone else’s vehicle or property, you will be liable and must pay for repairs and the cost of damage to any property. If you have liability auto insurance though, all of these things will be covered and you usually won’t have to come out of pocket.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage is the auto insurance coverage that takes care of you and your vehicle if you are ever in an accident; no matter who’s at fault. With this coverage, any repairs for your car are covered.

Comprehensive Coverage

The name of this insurance may be misleading because it isn’t actually comprehensive. This coverage only takes care of damages to your car that aren’t caused by a collision. This includes theft, fire, a falling tree, or extreme weather conditions. There are many threats to your vehicle that aren’t on the road so it’s best to be safe and have everything covered.

Now that you are aware of the three main insurance coverage options, you can decide on the best one for you. Of course, it’d be wise to be fully covered with all three. If you want to know how much auto insurance you’re eligible for, go online and get a Freedom Auto Insurance quote today!